Writer Encouragement

Some motivating words ~ writer to writer.

Hey there!

Are you pumped?  Because I’m pumped.  I’m super ultra excited.  Why?  Well, a little brown booby bird told me that you’re in the middle of writing something.  And I think that’s awesome. Continue reading “Writer Encouragement”

Writer’s Block: Falling Out of Love with Your Project

What to do when you and your project are no longer on speaking terms…

We’ve all been there.  The little spats we have with our writing.  No relationship is perfect, not even when it’s with your own project.  Here are the steps I take when my stories and I don’t get along.

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Creating Lifelike Characters

Some thoughts on Frankenstein and bringing your characters to life.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein was one bad ass dude.  He just gets it in his head one day that if he digs up body parts, sews them together, and zaps them with lightning, he’ll get a living, breathing person.  And, lo & behold, it works!  Which is legit one of the reasons I love fiction so much: all that implausible science and no one really giving a damn…

Unfortunately, we dwellers of reality live on slightly firmer ground.  There’s no zappy, zappy.  No stitching up decomposing body parts.  No grave robbing.  We have to find other, more socially acceptable ways to piece together our monsters…

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Ambition, Money & Oprah Winfrey

…and what they mean to the aspiring writer.

While composing our latest masterpieces, we maestros of the written word might need a little sumpin-sumpin to keep us going.  Here are some foolproof tips to keep your fingers on the keys and your eyes on the horizon:

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