Top Ten Reasons Why I LOVE Writing

A Positive Post for the top reasons why I love my life’s calling.


Putting On a Show, Minus the Show

Universe:  Can you dance?

Me:  No.

Universe:  Can you sing?

Me:  No.

Universe:  Can you film yourself doing hilarious things and post it on YouTube?

Me:  Yes!  *Thinks about it*  Um, I mean, no.

Universe:  *Sigh*  Well, what can you do?

Me:  Uhhh, I can string words together in a borderline-entertaining fashion.

Universe:  …

Universe:  Fine.


I am stricken with the inexplicable urge to entertain people, yet I possess no marketable skills in that area.  Except for writing.  The written word allows me to express myself while keeping my undiagnosed social anxiety in check.  It allows me to entertain without making a complete idiot of myself.  Usually.  Mostly.  Hopefully.


Inspiration is Everywhere, Dawg

Goldfish died?  Broke your arm?  Goldfish broke his arm?  Aw, that’s too bad.  Hurry up and write about it while the moment is fresh!

Good experiences, bad experiences, goddamn friggin’ horrible experiences ~ I guess the one consolation you can take away from it is that it’ll make a damn good story someday.  You know.  In the future.


Your Insanity is a Little Less Insane

Those writers, they crazy, man!  Talking to themselves, staring off into space ~ doing who knows what in their own heads ~ scribbling away in their itty-bitty notebooks.  The only people who really understand writers are other writers.  And maybe our distant cousins in art and music.  MAYBE.

Thing is, there’s a method to the madness.  Writing helps focus our innate craziness into something productive, coming together to create little masterpieces time and time again.  So, don’t sweat the crazy.  It has its purpose.



You have thoughts!  You have opinions!  You know things that the rest of the world should be knowing!  Question is: how do you get this knowledge out of your noggin and into the noggins of others?  You write it out!  Articulate all this glorious information and share it with the world.


World-Wandering Writer

Writing is one of those crafts that you can do anywhere.  Like, literally: anywhere.  I keep at least one notebook with me, always, for this very purpose.  Inspiration can hit at any time.  And, when it does, Imma be ready for it!


Writing is So God Dang Versatile!

There are so many types of writing!

You can write poetry, articles, books, movies, blog posts, Twitter posts, songs, detailed plots for world domination…and those are just my projects on the weekend!

As far as crafts go, writing is one of the broadest.  It takes on many forms ~ and you can take on any one of those forms!  All you need is a way with words.  Speaking of which:


You’re a Word Wizard, Spivy

That moment when you’re just writing along, minding your own business, doo da-doo da-doo, when from your fingertips springs this ultra fantastic piece of word wizardry.  And you’re like, “WHOA ~ where the fudge nuggets did that come from?  I ain’t smart enough to be penning that shit!”  Uh, apparently, you are.

Somehow, someway, through the magic of writing, you’re able to spin words that blow your own mind with their awesomeness.  And this, I believe, is one of the best things about writing.  Get yourself in the zone and watch the genius spew forth!


It Gives Your Mind Something to Do

What do normal people think about all day?  Like, seriously?  I asked all three of my normal non-writer siblings this question and got pretty much the same answer, which was, “Duh, I dunno.  Stuff.”

One helpful sister managed to elaborate.

Helpful Sister:  “I think about conversations.”

Interrogator Me:  “What conversations?”

Confused Helpful Sister:  “I dunno.  Conversations I’ve had.”

Dubious Interrogator Me:  “Why?”

[Doe Eyed Helpful Sister blinks.]

Then, Pissed Helpful Sister:  “I have no friggin’ clue!”

I love writing because at least it gives my mind something to do.  Between my books and my blog and my other projects ~ I think about writing all the effing time.  I seriously can’t fathom having anything else in my head.  This may sound crazy, but it’s no crazier than spending all day thinking about conversations, or whatever the hell it is people ponder.


You Can Fix What’s Wrong in the Written World

You ever get this subject or theme in your head that you’d really like to read but, dammit, this fabled text doesn’t seem to exist anywhere?  O, if only there was a way to just create that perfect masterpiece so that you could read and enjoy it!

Oh, wait.  Duh.

Write what’s missing in the world.  Write what you would love to read, but can’t because some bozo hasn’t come around and penned it yet.  The universe created many great writers, but perhaps it hasn’t gifted anyone with your particularly awesome tastes?  No matter.  You got the tastes, and the skills.  Go out there and fix this problem.


It’s Your Calling

You write because you’re compelled to?  Well, shit, that’s a good enough reason to love it as any!  Out of all the other ventures in the world, this is the one you picked, or the one the universe picked out for you.  Cool.  Revel in that.  Not many people find their calling.  Not many people seem to have a calling.  You, my dear, are extra special ~ and I salute your extra special-ness.

I’m not sure how many of these top ten reasons conflict with my Top Ten Reasons Why I HATE Writing, and I won’t bother looking, but something tells me that a few of them do.  Oh well.  Writing is a complicated craft full of complicated ironies.  Feel free to mosey on over to the comments and share the reasons why you love it.

Author: Cedillo

Cedillo is the pen name of a writer who hasn’t had the guts to tell his family that he’s a blogger yet. He lives in the American Midwest. He has a bearded dragon named Rooney. He’s been writing stories since he was five years old. He is also a girl.

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