About Cedillo

While reading a blog post, you may find yourself thinking:  Huh.  I really wish I knew some more random facts about the moron who wrote this.  Well, here you go.

She’s a she.

She’s 23.

Her web address has numbers.  And people are peeved.

She’s American.  She was home-schooled.  She works full-time as a business office manager at an undisclosed business office.  She recently discovered that she suffers from a mild form of trypophobia, and she’s thrilled to finally put a name to it.

She has a bearded dragon, and a three-legged beagle.

She really, really hates cats.  Every single one of her main characters in every single one of her stories owns (and adores) cats.

She would like to be a writer, someday.  Then she realizes that the very act of typing words on to this blog page technically makes her a writer, and she fist pumps with joy.  Then she has a celebratory vanilla latte.

She has a proverbial white whale in the shape of a ten-year writing project.  Why has it taken her ten years (and counting) to write this goddamn story?  Because everybody needs a personal battle to piss them off.  She’s still kicking, though ~ by which I mean she’s kinda come to terms with her own unproductive ass, and continues to sip her latte.

Someday, though, the white whale will be hers.

It’s pronounced se-DEE-o.  It’s also not her real name.

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