More Encouragement for Writers

Hey ~ fancy bumping into you here.  How’s it going, man?  How’ve you been?  I haven’t seen you since we discussed your current work-in-progress over strawberry and banana split smoothies a while back!

Don’t remember?  I’m not surprised.  You had a lot of smoothies.  You told me about your project.  A project you don’t seem to be working on at the moment…

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5 Important Writing Tips to Give My Younger Self

*singsongs*  La da-da da-da, I’m drawing cuz my family doesn’t own a decent computer yet, la da-da da-da—



Don’t scream, Cedillo!

Who—who are you?

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New Ideas in Writing: 5 Tips to Remember

Nothing beats the feeling of stepping into that inspired NEW IDEA.  The possibilities!  The excitement!  The newness!  It’s a high that every writer loves to enjoy.

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